Why should you consider a custom magazine?
  • 78% of consumers think custom magazines are a more effective form of advertising.
  • 94% of business professionals who read custom magazines say they are an important source of information.
  • Of those marketing directors with first-hand experience of a custom publication, 92% said they were effective at relationship building.
  • 70% of regular custom magazine readers have purchased a product or service as a direct result of reading a custom publication.
  • 75% of readers feel better informed after reading custom publications.
  • 80% felt custom publications show that the sponsoring company believes in its products and services.

Source: Custom Publishing Council

Creating a sustainable dialogue with customers, members and prospects.

Gone are the days of marketing that tries to sneak in through the back door, to convince a consumer unsure of the possibilities. Products now live in a world of the savvy consumer – an audience that wants to know, but doesn’t want to be blatantly pitched. A consumer hungry for information of specific interest, yet wary of what you want in return.

Which is why custom publishing has grown so substantially over the past few years. It is a marketing communications device unlike any other. It is anticipated, welcomed and valued. It is saved, passed on, read again (and again), clipped and talked about. It creates a bond with the brand in a subtle, acceptable way. It says that you know about, care about and value the recipient. In short, it starts and retains a relationship your business wants and needs.  


Strategic benefits of integrating custom publishing into your marketing mix:

• Demonstrates a leadership position and commitment

• Depth of information builds enhanced awareness and mindshare

• Deliver a powerful, consistent corporate branding message.

• Positions your company as a trusted information resource

• Increases repeat purchases by delivering a consistent marketing message

• Builds strong relationships with existing customers

• Target buyers for your products and services

• Prospects are more educated and qualified

• Great collateral piece for trade shows, direct mail and sales calls


Let AG Custom Publishing help tailor a package to meet your marketing needs. For more information, call your sales representative.