OK. So what is custom publishing again?

Custom publishing is a marketing communications tool that uses credible journalism to provide information of value. Typically delivered as a magazine, newsletter or editorial online content, custom publishing offers an essential piece to the marketing pie. How? By creating memorable and interesting content that your customer perceives as a great value-added service while you connect on an emotional level. And it is that connection that will continue long after a sales transaction.


In a market in which customer loyalty is divided at every turn, custom publishing has grown to be an implicit part of the marketing scheme for companies seeking to build long-term relationships while remaining competitive and relevant to their customer base.


Custom publishing is one of the fastest-growing marketing tools that delivers information you want your audience to read in an environment they enjoy and value. Yes, it's your own medium — overseen by AG Custom Publishing but controlled by you.
Just some facts:

79% of recipients believe custom publishing is a better way for a company to tell about its products/services than other forms of advertising.

Source: Custom Publishing Council Effectiveness Study

A study on custom publishing spending shows that corporations spent an average of $812,495 on custom and corporate publications in 2004, up from 28.2% from 2003.
Source: Custom Publishing Council in conjunction with Publications Management Spending Study

Corporate America produces more than 50,000 unique custom publications annually and spends $15-20 billion each year.
Source: The Custom Publishing Council

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