Question: We already have a newsletter. What can a company magazine do that our newsletter or direct-mail can't?

Answer: It can break through the clutter. It can communicate with prestige and impact. It can accommodate advertising revenue that can help offset your magazines cost. We can also anchor your magazine with an interesting mix of non-self-promotional editorial that adds to your magazine's appeal and increases its pass-along value.

Question: Sounds like a big project. Will this take a lot of my time?

Answer: Not as much as you would imagine. Once your marketing objectives are clear, your involvement is a matter of personal choice. All of our programs are offered on a turnkey basis, where you're in the driver's seat and maintain complete control. Our skilled communications professionals do the rest. We will provide layout and design services and submit proofs to you for approval. We will manage the editorial process. We will manage printing and distribution. We can even write articles on topics of your choice to supplement your objective driven messages. You can be involved on a daily basis or participate in a small number of meetings for sign offs and approvals. It’s up to you!

Question: Where are these magazines distributed?

Keep in mind that these are your very own magazines. After each issue is published, you have two options: your magazines can be shipped directly to your office for the final distribution of your choice, or you can provide us with your mailing list and we will handle the mailing for you.

Let AG Custom Publishing help tailor a package to meet your marketing needs. For more information, call your sales representative.