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Aston Custom Publishing is committed to helping real estate, retail, travel and hospitality marketers or associations as well as their respective advertising agenciesreach their customers by publishing custom magazines, newsletters, magalogs and catalogs.

Imagine a conventional magazine, newsletter or electronic publication. High quality, colorful, current and editorially interesting. Then imagine you and your company control everything about it. How often you publish, when to publish, what topics to cover, who to target and how it looks.
At Aston Custom Publishing we match reader information needs with your company's marketing communications objectives and create a publishing program that will: 

• Position your company as an industry leader

• Deliver information your customers need to know

• Reinforce your branding message

• Add value to your marketing program by targeting buyers

• Strengthen and maintain customer relationships

• Increase repeat purchases by consistently delivering your marketing message

• Target prospects that are more educated and qualified

• Create collateral for trade shows, direct mail or sales calls

Aston Custom Publishing builds a custom publishing platform from conception to distribution using professionals who are skilled in field research, concept development, writing, photography, design, database management, printing, distribution and reader surveys. 
Let Aston Custom Publishing help tailor a package to meet your marketing needs. For more information, call your sales representative.